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Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions that our clients ask and the answers to those questions.


Q:  Why should I choose a Cleaning Company like WolfPack Cleaning Companies over a much cheaper individual?

Answer: Hiring an Individual is a very dangerous practice. Typically they are not insured. It is important to protect your assets from accidents and possible breakage in your business. Individuals are usually not background checked, so you could be giving a sexual predator or felon easy access into your business. WolfPack Cleaning Companies is State licensed insured and our Employees are background checked to make sure they have a clean record and are safe to enter your or workplace. You want quality, and we give it!


Q: Is WolfPack Cleaning Companines a Franchise?

Answer: No, we are a locally owned family business and our employees are reliable and quality professionals. Our customers are important to us and we believe in being connected to our customers and adjustible to their individualized needs. The owner is just a phone call away from you.


Q: How does the cleaning process with WolfPack Cleaning Companies work?

Answer: We prefer to quote each cleaning service by the job and not by the hour. We are there until the job is done right, regardless of how long it takes! Most cleaning companies, will set an hourly rate and then clean fast to make sure they don’t go over the timeframe, they skip over important details and fail to provid an overall good service.  All our quotes are free. The proposal will will be for a recurring service to maintain your location to the standard agreed upon.  A Deep Cleaning initial price may also be suggested to get your location up to standard.


Q: Do I need to provide my own supplies or equipment?

Answer: No, we provide all cleaning supplies and equipment needed to get your facility or office clean. If however you prefer for us to use your supplies or equipment, we can accommodate your needs. 


Q: Do you provide Green Products in your cleaning services?

Answer: Yes. Green Products are available upon request. Wolfpack Cleaning Companies strongly believe by making green cleaning choices in cleaning products, equipment, systems and procedures, we affect the lives of those that spend time in your buildings. For business owners green cleaning choices can even affect the company's financial bottom-line, because employee sick time, and lower productivity all have some basis in poor indoor environmental quality. For work /school administrators green cleaning can affect school productivity by decreasing allergies and killing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Green cleaning is not only just replacing your current non-green product with a milder cleaning supplies. Green cleaning includes processes which reduces the negative impact on employee health, student health and the total environment when compared with traditional non-green products and non-green programs. Green cleaning minimizes VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, controls allergens caused by dyes and fragrances and makes indoor environments more healthful and pleasant. While green product selection is important, a regularly scheduled Green cleaning and maintenance program is of equal importance. Properly designed and implemented, a green cleaning plan will have a positive impact on not only the overall cleanliness of your facility, but the health of its occupants and your return on investment.


Q: Are all WolfPack Cleaning Companies employees insured?

Answer: Yes, all our employees are insured. We understand how important it is for you to be protected from damage or negligence. Our employees are trained on safe cleaning practices to reduce any chance of of injury or damage. When using WolfPack Cleaning you will have piece of mind knowing we have taken every step possible to keep our employees safe as well as your property and location safe.


Q: WIll the same indivdual be cleaning our business?

Answer: Yes,  We feel it is important for our cleaners to establish relationships with our customers. This aids in better working environment for our employees and a better experience for our customers. With this in mind, we assign the same cleaners to your business. There are occasions due to, illness or other factors not in our control that don’t allow for this, but this is rare and will be disclosed to you if necessary.


Q: What happens if I feel the job is not done or was not done to my satisfaction?

Answer: We are committed to 100% customer Satisfaction.  We have our Team go through a detailed checklist to make for quality assurance. Our goal is to get the job right the first time. 

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